Cheetos Vision

  • 2018 Creative Media Awards

    Campaign: Cheetos—Cheetos Vision

    Category: Mobile Media

    There’s nothing quite like Cheetos® snacks: orange, cheesy, enigmatically shaped. But even with a distinctive product and high-market share, Cheetos still faced (and faces) a challenge: staying relevant—especially when people are constantly looking for the next great snack. Since for this campaign we didn’t have any product news, we wanted to make some news of our own. We decided to have some fun with technology, using it to cast our product in a whole new light. 

    We created Cheetos Vision, the first AI-powered camera that eventually turns everything it films into Cheetos snacks. It is, perhaps, the dumbest use of the world’s smartest tech.

    Cheetos Vision is not a photo filter. It creates a new image by using the technology involved in big concepts like “deep learning” and “convolutional neural networks.” We fed hundreds of thousands of photos into the AI mechanism and trained it to find within those photos Cheetos-snack-like shapes. After months of training, our AI camera could take any photo or video and instantly create out of it Cheetos-snack-like shapes.

    We wanted to give Cheetos Vision a launch worthy of any hot, new tech innovation, so we took it to the biggest stage in the industry: SXSW Interactive. We introduced our huge new tech product in the same way that a huge tech company would: we featured user-generated images on billboards and on social, complete with the cheekily recognizable tag “Shot on Cheetos Vision.”

    People ate it up.

    Cheetos Vision made headlines with everyone from Fast Company to Forbes to the New York Times. With billions of Cheetos shapes generated through our AI-powered camera, the campaign garnered over 300 million media impressions and thousands of app downloads.