Fart Code

  • Fart Code

    How do you get kids to care about nutrition? 

    By showing them that there is more to food than taste and texture. There’s science. And sounds. And sometimes smells. Very stinky smells. 

    That's why we made an app called “Fart Code”—to promote kid’s health and science education. And there’s some smart science behind the gross-out laughs.

    Download the app at fartcode.com.

    Once downloaded, the Fart Code app allows you to scan a bar code on any item in the grocery store. The app determines the actual ingredients in that item, noting any ingredients that are known to cause gas.

    An algorithm uses those ingredients to determine the level of toxicity on a “fartometer” and produces the appropriate fart noise and vibration; a rough equivalent of how your digestive system would process the ingredients.

    Once created, you can share the fart via text message (complete with fart emoji) and social posts. Friends can then click on a link and hear the fart their friend just, um, passed.

    It’s a fun and engaging way to get kids to think about what they are putting in their bodies. In other words, they can get smart from their fart. (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.)

    Schools in San Francisco have signed on to use the app in their class curricula; national teacher resources are recommending the app to their networks; and parents across America are sure to appreciate that their now kids have something to keep them occupied in the grocery store. 

    Please watch the app demo film above.