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  • Adobe Living Libraries

    "The artist is a receptacle for emotions that comes from all over: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a spider's web." —Pablo Picasso


    Creatives see the art in everything. Now this inspiration can be digitized, manipulated and shared using Adobe Creative Cloud.


    Adobe “Living Libraries” encouraged over six million artists to capture and share inspiration using mobile apps, turning one another’s favorite places into art.


    Influential artists from the creative social network Behance scoured three continents, creating web pages of assets for other artists to use.

    Interactive video tours hosted by studio Vault49 allowed artists to explore cities and capture inspiration remotely.

    Billboards showcased member art inspired by the streets below.


    Since the campaign launched, Creative Cloud has helped drive record revenue increases for Adobe of 22% YOY. But more impressive to us creatives, is the fact that artists who created work using each other’s libraries have received an average of 22,000 extra profile views each. Living Libraries are turning Creative Cloud into a collaboration cloud for artists.

    If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, try some living libraries for yourself:

    Soho & Chinatown, New York City

    Bärenquell abandoned brewery, Berlin

    Kumano Kodo, Wakayama Prefecture

    Coney Island, Brooklyn

    White Sands, New Mexico